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Landscaping Ideas for Front Yards Trees

Landscaping ideas for front yards – Landscaping your front yard requires careful attention to the size, shape and location of plants, including trees and large shrubs. Intended to frame and compliment the front of the house, not hide or distract from it. Select trees for your front yard carefully to create the maximum landscaping effect.

Fruit trees for landscaping ideas for front yards, carefully selected fruit trees offer the same shade and leaves of other ornamental plants lawn trees, but they also produce edible fruit after a few years of growth. Fruit trees require more maintenance, in the form of pruning and fertilizing than other trees. Most fruit trees have strict climate requirements. Citrus use hot summers, while apples prefer cooler temperatures. Unusual Trees, Many shipyards across the country have oaks, pines and holly trees. Adding unusual and rarely seen species of wood for your front yard builds visual interest.

Leaves and flowers, Trees that produce colored leaves or bright, showy flowers during different seasons is the key to decorative landscaping ideas for front yards. Colored leaves, like the deep red and purple foliage of  Japanese maple, appear in spring or autumn. Flowering trees produce most of their flowers in early spring, before the leaves mature, or all summer. Evergreen trees that feature dark, blue-tinged or yellow foliage are the best choice for winter color.

Good Landscaping Ideas for Front Yards

Adding your landscaping ideas for front yards to increase its curb appeal. Not only that, but you and your family will enjoy the cozy view of the eye-pleasing plants throughout the year. You can choose plants for color, the ability to attract birds and butterflies, or even to reduce the amount of lawn maintenance and mowing. First, think about what you want your garden to achieve.

Landscaping ideas for front yards, some plants provide color throughout the year, what really drives the eye-appeal of your property during the winter months. Other plants do not hold their color as long, but when they are in flower, are so beautiful that it is worth planting to enjoy a shorter season. That would include lilac bushes whose flowers purple or white are not only charming, but have a heavenly fragrance.

The landscaping ideas for front yards plants that provide color throughout the year, such as dogwood and willow red twig gold, are a real treat in the winter. Some plants offer a real explosion of color in the fall when many other plants are dying, and they make a good addition to your garden. Ornamental grasses also provide color throughout the year and interest.

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