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Landscape architect design and plan recreational areas such as parks, gardens, universities and homes, combining functionality with beauty and harmony of the environment naturally. The best American landscape architecture schools offer accredited programs that qualify students to become licensed professionals in the field. Most states require professionals to obtain a passing grade in the examination of Registry of Landscape Architects.

The Department of landscape architect and Urban Planning offer bachelors or master’s degree on landscape architecture programs accredited by the Council of Landscape Architecture. Courses cover design, planning and analysis, and sustainability, plus applications. Landscape architecture is a field “dedicated to understanding and managing human and environmental forces that change the landscape,” according to the website of the university.

Landscape architect is a field that affects the environment, creating sustainable capacities and green spaces that protect natural resources. Knowles School of Architecture offers undergraduate and graduate programs in landscape architecture, accredited by the Accreditation Council of Landscape Architecture.

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