Keep Doughboy Swimming Pools

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Unique Doughboy Swimming Pools

Inspect your Doughboy swimming pools, filter, pump and accessories Doughboy regularly to ensure the smooth running of your pool. Lubricate moving parts yearly with a silicone based lubricant and keep the area surrounding the pool clean and tidy.

Vacuum the inside of the pool per week to help keep water chemistry at optimal levels and pool water clean. Always clean the Doughboy swimming pools filter with on vacuuming.

Use your patch kit doughboy provided with your pool to quickly repair holes or tears in the lining. Cut the necessary material from the kit and layer one side of the patch with glue patch, placing it against the inside of the pool at the damaged site. Press firmly into place and work on any glue bump to the outer edges of the patch. Consult your warranty if you have seam leaks, as non professionals cannot repair these.

Use a mild detergent and water to clean vinyl and doughboy swimming pools metal parts, avoiding the use of abrasive cleaners or aggressive solvents. You can buy vinyl cleaners at a pool store for hard jobs that require strong cleaners. Follow the advice of your local professional for the chemical levels corresponding to the Doughboy swimming pool. The differences in the region of the installation and the type of water will have to be examined to find the treatment program that is suitable for your pool.

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