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Installing Pergola Kits

Pergola kits are beautiful structures that are placed in the open spaces of the houses beautify the outside and give a good place to read or have a meal without the annoying sun by closing our eyes. Currently there faster options to a structure like this in our backyard, here we will see how to install a pergola that comes with all ready and kit components.

Pergola kits, you should open a center hole in the bottom of each post, thus threaded rods can enter bases. To make this work, you must use the drill and bit-sapping the same diameter as the rods have regularly is 28 mm. After you set the plates of the grips on posts, it must submit to the metal parts where they will set, and make a pilot hole using a fine drill bit for this type of wood. Subsequently holding the plate with one of the drill screws and helping a socket wrench.

Pergola kits once you have placed all plates, top plates must put the measure calculating and plotting cut lines helping the jigsaw with a special blade for wood. If you’re not a professional, do not worry because you can use a hand taking great care in making the cuts.

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