Installing Outdoor Grill Islands

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Great Outdoor Grill Islands

Installing outdoor grill islands with an existing gas line is a project that many do the things themselves can complete without hiring a professional. With the right tools, you can learn how to put a grill on an outdoor island in a weekend. Before you start, check the city codes on the regulations that involve the gas line. The local code may require a professional to make the gas connection for you. Make sure the grill is appropriate for your outdoor island. Due to the heat generated by an outdoor grill, composite countertops are not safe, while granite or marble countertops are safe.

Determine the location and direction of installing the outdoor grill islands. Install it near the existing gas line, but pay attention to the prevailing direction of the wind. The prevailing wind should blow towards the front of the grill. If the wind usually blows through or into the back cover of the oven, the grill can overheat to dangerous levels.

Use the outdoor grill islands installation guide, which comes with the grill in the purchase, to find the dimensions of the cutout necessary for the installation of the grill. It is necessary to know the height, width and depth to cut so the outdoor grill will fit on the island. Note the gas connection on your grill and how many inches it is from the edge of the grill. Write, since you will need to make a useful cut using this measure later.