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Ideas to Paint Fireplace Surround Tile

Fireplace surround tile – The application of a urethane coating or oil-based ceramic or porcelain tile paint can give a tile a fresh new look. Applying paint, in any combination or color design, can also be a fantastic way to update the look of a tile fireplace, without the need for serious construction. Since the fireplace is often the focal point of a room, paint it to complement the interior of your room.

Choose an accent color from somewhere else in the room where the fireplace surround tile is located. This color can come from a carpet, window treatments, cushions or wall art. Painting the tiles of the fireplace in this tone for a subtle, complementary look. Avoid painting the grout lines in order to maintain the appearance of the authentic tiles. As an alternative, select an accent color of the room and buy paint in this color, along with a darker shade and a lighter shade. Create a random design of the three paint tones on the tiles of most visual interest through variation.

Select a minimum of two colors for the fireplace surround tile ring. A color will be the main color or in the field, while the second will become an accent color. Paint a row of tiles in the accent color, or paint the tiles in a stepped design, design random placement or symmetrical design of two or three tiles on each side of the fireplace. Fill the rest of the tiles with the second, the field color. Make sure the two colors are different enough to differentiate from each other.

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