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Ideas to Clean and Maintain Patio Awnings

Patio awnings – Installing an awning on the windows and on the terrace of home involves winning advantages such as energy saving and conditioning of housing. By preventing direct incidence of sunlight, keep the house cooler in the summer, preventing excessive use of air conditioning. For its part, is also a plus from the point of view of privacy.

To remove stains will use mild soap, warm water and a brush. It is best to wash them as soon as possible, because if we spend time will be harder to remove. Is the best catering to the manufacturer’s specifications regarding cleaning the canvas of patio awnings, taking into account the quality and properties of it. In addition, we use rags, brushes or sponges soft not to wear the surface.

As for maintenance, if the awning has an automated collection system, we must pick it up when there is snow, rain or wind, even save it in winter, or install a drawer or roof to protect it, especially in colder areas. When you open, the awning should not force it.  When is damp or wet should not pick it up, it can get moldy.  After washing the patio awnings, we can apply a sealer to protect their property, once it is dry.

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