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While front porch swing declined in popularity after advent of air conditioning, this option of being simple and practical is making a comeback in many areas of world. Media suspended along porch roof, white porch swing provides a peaceful place to visit with friends, read, or just enjoy fresh air. Choosing best porch swing depends largely on size of porch, stability of roof area, and amount of money consumer can afford to invest in swing itself.

Older homes typically have porches real size, they can easily accommodate white porch swing to be held up to four people comfortably. Newer homes may include porches that are a bit smaller. Since idea behind a porch swing is to gently swing back and forth, while in sitting position, it is important to ensure that dimensions of gate not only include space for swing, but also space for rolling. With a large porch, a swing full size will work well; for smaller porches, a simple two-seater front porch rocking may be best idea. Today, question of whether to go with a wooden porch swing or metal porch swing is a common problem. For households with more traditional porches, look and feel of a wooden white porch swing will often be preferable.

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