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Ideas for Shade Cloth Pergola

Shade cloth pergola – Garden pergolas are structures open-roof supported on pillars used to create areas of semi shaded seats and creepers growth. Big box retailers show garden furniture, gazebos and pergolas pages of a magazine of brilliant home decor. The designs and colors are stunning, and prices. You do not have to have a big budget or a professional service to have a retreat chic patio. Build pergola cloth a shadow on a weekend with low cost materials and easy to use tools.

Shade cloth pergola, sanding all wood completely until completely smooth without rough edges. Apply a primer and paint and let dry if you want a painted structure. Measure and mark two parallel rows of three points, 5 feet apart, for the posts of the pergola.

Shade cloth pergola, dig a hole 2 feet deep at each marked location. Place a pole in each hole, measuring from the top of the pole to the ground to ensure that each position is exactly 6 feet above ground level. Then fill the hole with soil and pack firmly, or fill with cement and let dry completely. Nail or screw tables 5 feet 2 inches horizontal support to the upper edges of the posts inside the pergola. place each of the panels 7 feet above the front pairs of posts, flat placement for 1 foot in each post protrudes nailing or screwing nor to the posts. Place the canvas landscape corridor above the pergola, parallel message systems. The canvas should dip slightly between each top board and hanging a pair of legs at each end.

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