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Ideas for Measure Outdoor Lounge Cushions

Outdoor lounge cushions – Make or recover foam cushions for furniture requires accurate measurement to ensure adequately covers fabric remains. If measured inaccurately, its fabric covers can be loose and wrinkled or can be so strong that you damage the racks. Once you know the dimensions of the foam cushions, you will know what size you need covers for cushions and you can count on properly fitting lids.

Flat outdoor lounge cushions, Place the end of the tape at the upper edge of the cushion and extend the tape measure straight to the bottom edge of the cushion. Note the length measurement. Align the end of the tape on the left edge of the pad and extending in a straight line to the right edge of the pad. Enter the width measurement. Place the end of the tape at the upper edge of the pad and extending down to the bottom edge to measure the depth or height of the cushion. Write down the measurement. Cover the flat mattress with a fabric cover that matches the dimensions of the cushions. Proper fit wrapping the plane with a 1 – inch thick piece of fiberfill around the cushion pad.

Pillow outdoor lounge cushions, Measure the length of the pillow along each side edge left right or from top to the bottom corner. Note the length measurement. Measure the width along each top or bottom left corner to the right corner edge pillow. Enter the width measurement. Cover the pillow with a cloth cover that matches the length and width measurements only – not add to the height of the crown in the center of the pillow or be too loose cover for the pillow.

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