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Ideas for Hang a Robert Abbey Lamps

Robert abbey lamps can be hung from the ceiling in two ways. One is by hanging the lamp from an electric box that is pre-wired from a wall socket and mounted in the ceiling. The other is to use a swag type connection that involves securing hooks in the ceiling and hanging the lamp on the hooks of a chain that includes the cord. The cord is draped on a wall, and then plugged into an electrical outlet.

Ideas for hang a Robert abbey lamps, turn off the power to the box. Place a ladder under the lamp box in the ceiling. Remove the cover plate if there is one that covers the box in the ceiling. Use the correct screwdriver to match the screws. Remove cord nuts from the wires in the box, keeping the wires touching each other. There should be a black wire, a white cord and a green ground wire. Place a volt meter on the black and white wires to make sure the power is turned off. Raise the lamp to the box in the ceiling and let it rest on top of a ladder.

Match the black wire in the box with the black wire from the lamp and connect them with a wire nut. Do the same with the white wires. The green ground wire is usually hooked on a screw or lug in the box. Attach the green cord from the lamp to the lug or if a lug is not there, put the two green wires together with a wire nut. Attach a fitting to which the lamp is mounted to the box. There are two holes for mounting fittings to the box with screws. Attach the Robert abbey lamps to the bracket, with long screws passing through the top cover plate of the lamp and into the holes in the bracket. Turn on the power again and try the light.

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