Fireplace & Fire Pit

Ideas Build a Fire Pit

Many homeowners build a fire pit in the backyard, in courtyards and even on the decks. Campfire common forms include squares, ovals, rectangles and circles. Few people build fire pits three sides as acute or rounded triangles, so building your fire pit in such a way that ensures that you have a fire pit unlike those in the yards of their neighbors. Although the design looks a bit harder, building a fire pit three-sided or triangular is much like building any other way.

Stake out the site chosen for the three sided fireplace. Choose a size for the triangular pit fire, and if you want to have sharp corners or rounded ends, and the participation of the area in this way. Hold a chalk line against the base of each game and pull it taut. Start the lines several times to produce a line of chalk on the ground and grass to mark the outer edges of the rock walls used to contain the build a fire pit.

Build a fire pit digging entire area within the chalk lines, using garden spade. Place the loose soil in a wheelbarrow to cart away from the area and reserve for future projects. Dig into the soil about 6 inches around the campfire site.

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