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Ideas and Rear Covered Porch Swing

Once the weather turns warmer, even the staunchest couch potatoes want to spend some time outdoors. If you are too busy to run the country, create an outdoor adventure just outside your door. A shaded covered porch swing and a sunny terrace can contain plants, rocking chairs, a dining room or a pond while enjoying some downtime in a summer breeze every minute you have left. The smallest urban playground becomes an imaginative refuge when a cover is extended with a pool of bubbling fountains, waterfall and rock overhangs planters.

The wooden deck made ​​of teak wood as the weather becomes an attractive silver, looks a bit like the dock on a lake. A stone path, supported by invisible underwater pillars, seems to float on water. The steps paved drive to the opposite side of the covered porch swing.

Celebrate your good fortune of having a large porch treating it as another room of the house. In the milder seasons, drives a dining table and chairs casual onto the terrace and enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner with birds and butterflies. A sisal rug under the table defines the space to eat, and can put potted palms with flowers and hanging vines to merge the garden patio with covered porch swing.

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