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Ideal Wood Window Blinds

Wood window blinds – They are made of solid wood and very suitable for cold climates. They can also be combined with an iron frame or galvanized steel. They can be more or less large, curved or straight. If you want to strengthen its thermal insulation, PVC is effective, as well as aluminum filled with polyurethane. The systems with adjustable blades are regulated according to the incidence of light or privacy required, a solution to be taken into account because, from the inside, you can still enjoy the views, but nuanced the entry of light. Ideal also to be able to open the windows, but maintaining security.

Another point that adds disadvantages to your choice are the aesthetic impact that a wood window blinds has on the facade, especially if it is a rustic or classic style. In these cases, choose wooden folding slats. The great advantage of roller shutters is that they can be operated individually or together, but also be part of a system to program their rise and fall.

When there is no blind in advance, a good solution is to install independent models, which are operated exclusively with remote control. They are installed in the exterior space of the window or superimposed on the facade. In the photo, an independent option with slats that fold like a Venetian wood window blinds.

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