How to Upgrade Arch Window Treatments

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Nice Arch Window Treatments

Arch window treatments – Windows are portals of light and eye your home. A sad, tired window treatment can pull down your home decor. Update your window treatments with some gran-ups to keep your house looking fresh and comfortable. An expertly decorated window treatment can help create a mood in a room and can gather compliments from guests. From a new window style to another color in fabric, making a new twist on an old treatment does not have to be difficult.


Clean your drapes. Out a vacuum with a hose extension and vacuum the dust. Use a dust fog or a damp cloth for hard to reach areas. Clean window treatments can provide instant and cheap upgrade to arch window treatments. Add ornaments. With fabric glue, attach some decorative tiles to the base of a curtain cup, add a little lace along the bottom edges of draperies, or attach any buttons. These little extras can customize purchased drapes.

Remove old drapes. Mailed curtains or drapes with pills on them look unattractive and bring new look at a home. Replace old drapes with new fabric; choose light, bright colors to add space and length to a room. Dark colors and heavy fabrics can make a room look nicer. Add some patterns. Slide on a patterned panel next to a single-colored panel on your curtain bar. Choose a pattern that has coordinating colors in the interior of the room. A pattern can freshen up tired arch window treatments. Insert any sparkle. Sew some decorative beads or crystals along the inside edging drapes or along the lower edge of a Valance for a little extra shine. A skimmer can make an old window treatment look new.