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How to Sand Cedar Decking

Cedar wood is ideal for outdoor terraces, because the light panels resist twisting and warping, even after constant exposure to moisture and temperature changes. Because it is so durable, indoor cedar will remain structurally sound for years, but the rich golden color will fade to silvery gray over time. Sanding will remove your cedar decking top layer of discolored wood and reveal fresh layer, restoring the look of your deck.

Instructions to sand cedar decking: practice using orbital sander vertical position on a sheet of plywood before use on its cover. Sink screws or nails that have come loose over time. The heads must be below the surface of the cedar decking to avoid tearing sanding disks.

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Place disc medium grit sanding pad orbital sanding. Place the orbital sander at the end of a cedar plank in a corner of the roof. Turn the sander on and start moving along the plate cedar steadily. Do not press down on the sander.

Continue until the end of the table, and then turn the orbital sander and change its position in the following table before restarting and sanding in the other direction. Repeat the process until you have sanded each deck board. Sand the ends of cedar decking with vibrant hand sander.

Differences between Cedar Decking & Plastic Platform

Plastic caps have been available since 1989. The popularity of plastic covers springs from the fact that it is considered that require little maintenance, while wood deck requires regular attention. Cedar decking, while more expensive, tends to be longer and less maintenance than most wooden deck. Before choosing the material for your deck, it is advisable to consider the strengths and weaknesses of both plastic and cedar relative. The main difference between plastic and cedar decking has to do with how long it will last the material. Unlike plastic, wood can wrap or rot and is subject to damage from insects. Plastic Covers requires much less maintenance than cedar decking ago. All wooden deck requires regular cleaning and resealing. Plastic covers can be cleaned quite easily with a power washer.

Building a cedar deck is easier than building a plastic one. The process of joining pieces of the plastic cover is quite involved. Some plastic covers are more flexible than the timber and thus require more support. The color in the plastic usually fades over time. Cedar gray naturally changes over time. The cost of a cedar deck and a plastic cover are comparable when you include the cost of labor and material.

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