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How to Put Up a Black Metal Fence

Black metal fence prevents rodents and small animals from entering your farm. It also adds decorative details. Metal fittings are packed in boxes and delivered to the home ready for installation. Simple basic tools are all you need to set up a metal fence. If you possess general handyman skills, the job will only take a few hours for every 10 meter fence installed.


Screw the fence inserts hats to the top of the black metal fence posts by hand (or as shown in the instructions that came with your kit). Measure and dig insert holes for installation fence, using a post whole holes and tape measure. Dig the holes at least 6 inches deep and about 5 inches wide.

Insert fence posts into the holes and shovel dirt around them to keep the black metal fence insert in place. Level the post with a water pass and fill the rest of the post with the concrete. Level fence posts, using water pass again, adjust if necessary to get the item to a perfect level orientation. Let the cement dry and see. Attach fence sections to the fastened hardware bars that came with the kit. Each metal fence has a few different tool fittings, but most require a screwdriver to attach a screw and an angle bracket.

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