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How to Paint Rod Iron Fence

Rod iron fence – Iron bars are decorative accessories in a household with the main use of curtains, draperies and other window fashions hanging. Curtain rods of iron come in a variety of styles from intricate to the plain. The rods can match an item in the home or help create a new one. Change the color of the iron bars is an easy way to update a room a personal touch, or renew old, worn bars.

Gloves 1 wear safety goggles and a dust mask. Remove the old paint and rust with one of the following methods. Straight rod iron fence without intricate designs brushing vigorously with a wire brush. Heavy solid bars only insert a wire brush attachment on a power drill and a brush old paint or rust. Renting a light work, sandblasting low pressure and blast away old finishes. Apply heat with a heat gun to loosen the adhesion of paint with a scraper and scrape paint.

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Wash rod iron fence – intricate and delicate iron with warm soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly. Apply a chemical paint remover according to the directions on the container of paint remover. Use a spatula to lift and remove the paint with bubbles. Wash iron bars with soap and warm water to remove chemical residues.

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