How to Paint Aluminum Porch Awnings

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Aluminum Porch Awnings Ideas

Awnings are made ​​from a variety of materials. Although rigid awnings often are constructed of aluminum, canvas or vinyl are the usual options for soft awnings. As aluminum porch awnings receive a beating from the wind, the rain, the snow and the sun regularly, it is not unusual discoloration. A fresh coat of paint applied to the surface of a vinyl awning can give you a fresh new style, and costs much less than buying a new one. Clean the awning before painting.

To avoid this, spray the sheet vinyl with a garden hose. Remove stubborn stains with a damp brush and a splash of detergent. Let vinyl awning to air dry before painting. Fill the tank with a tray of paint exterior latex paint. Place the tray on the shelf paints a solid ladder, climb the ladder and paint roller dipped in paint aluminum porch awnings. Spend a thin, even coat of paint on the vinyl canopy.

Pint undulations or free hand movement with a broad brush. Let the awning to air dry. The exterior latex paint aluminum porch awnings are very thick and usually only requires one coat. If you think the vinyl canopy requires two coats, let the first coat to dry for 24 hours before applying the second.