How to Make Fire Ring Kit

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Modern Fire Ring Kit

Fire ring kit – From the rustic and elegant, fire pit rings provide the containment structure that allows an outdoor fire to ignite and burn well without consuming its surroundings. A well-built fire ring will also protect the fire from the wind and allow fire watchers to roast sausages or marshmallows without undue exposure to smoke. Study your yard or property for the best potential sites for a ring of fire.

It is best to place the fire ring kit in the middle of your yard to avoid possible conflicts with neighbors. The site should be out of the path of the prevailing winds and outdoors without an overload of treetops.  Consider where you will sit in the afternoons and evenings to enjoy the best possible view of both the fire and the surrounding landscape. Remove all grass, weeds and other potentially combustible materials from an area of ​​about 3 to 5 feet in diameter. Scrape the cleared area with a shovel or hoe to form the outline of your fire pit.

Dig a hole at least 12 inches deep into the clearing. Line of the outside of the hole of large boulders or boulders. Mounds of rocks and additional boulders or bricks on top of each other in compact layers that form the fire ring kit. Clay pack or rocks in the openings to form a ring as tight as possible. Build your fire pit ring at least 24 inches high. Press a single layer of bricks in a circle to delineate the inside of the fire pit. This will provide an added barrier should your fire attempt to escape.