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How to Make Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo fencing is ideal for those who want an exotic and oriental ALURE to their homes or gardens. Further of his good looks, a bamboo fence is durable and can withstand bad weather.

Instruction to make bamboo fencing: dig the holes, but must be within 1ft deep and at least 4ft away. Put bamboo poles into the holes and with a chain. Tamp the post holes after filling. Check the inside of the posts at 6, 12 and 24 inch intervals from the top. Make sure the bamboo will not split by drilling holes through the marked positions in each sign.

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Gauge with drill holes. Drill completely through the post and repeat for each. Secure messages hammering rebar 24-inch long in the ground. Push down on the rod each message until you see the rebar.

Crosstabs make the straightest cutting reeds and make sure it matches the dimensions of the fence panels. Allow an extra inch for bamboo than a centimeter and a half is inserted into the charge. Drill 1/2-inch of each post.

Insert rungs until turning right. Enter the post with a fingernail. The last step to make bamboo fencing is tying the canes and cut the cane standing up to the joint nearest end.

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