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How to Fix Outdoor Window Shutters

Outdoor window shutters have been installed next to the window for centuries. In the days when glass was more fragile than it is today, they were often used, is closed to protect the windows during severe weather. Over time, many gaps developed from the work elements to be purely decorative accents.

Any outdoor window shutters architectural elements should be made of wood resistant to rot. This almost always means a softwood, as hardwood contain more pitch and sap than the trees and last longer in wet conditions. Cedar is one of the most rot-resistant wood products. This quality, in combination with the low weight and formability, making it ideal for items such gaps will be subjected to all types of weather and will hinged and screws on the outside of the house.

Decorating outdoor window shutters, even root-resistant forests should be treated and protected in order to maximize its life. Cedar can be protected with clear polyurethane or different kinds of waterproofing to maintain the beauty of its natural grain, or it can be painted. You will need to prime the cedar before you use a top coat to help the color follow the wood. Paint all surfaces of the shutter, including both sides of the slats, to prevent water from getting access to the wood and start rotting process.

Decorating Outdoor Window Shutters

The windows with external blinds are commonly found in tropical places. Windows that are moved by a lever and slats are made ​​of glass and horizontal long lie flat against each other on the outside of the structure. Sometimes these windows stick or jam, making them difficult or impossible to open and close properly. The process and equipment to fix the outdoor window shutters, when necessary, is negligible and can usually be repaired with minimal effort and a little time.

Check the outside of the windows to make sure nothing blocks them that would cause the handle sticking or not working. Also, look good on the slats and are not frozen. Rivets lubricate the mechanism of the outdoor window shutters, where the handle is located. This part of the window can become sticky, oxidized or otherwise stuck and need lubrication. Rub oil sewing machine or bicycle chain in rivets and other elements of the crank mechanism of the window.

If windows continue sticking, you must replace the internal mechanism of roller with outdoor window shutters. They can be purchased online and at some hardware stores and stores and suppliers of windows. Remove the panels closest to crank glass to avoid accidents. Remove the handle assembly of the structure and replace it with a new one.

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