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How To Enclosing A Porch For Living Space

How to enclosing a porch for living space  envelops the porch of the living area is a large task, simplification of the existing porch floor and ceiling can be used without major changes. Since envelops the porch framing walls, making any changes to the doors and windows in existing house wall, add outer casing and finishing interior walls with insulation and plasterboard.

The first plan you’re enclosing a porch. Remove all old equipment and other elements of the existing house and all the fencing or other barriers on the porch; To start simply by enclosing a porch floor (excellent if using concrete) and the roof. Install a base for your new walls. Use double 2-by-4 boards treated with an insulating vapor barrier underneath. Then install the upper plate; on the porch roof has a wood beam, you can use this.

To enclosing a porch for living space framed walls with 2-by-4s and spaced 16 inches apart in the center. Sheath outer wall of oriented strand board (OSB), weatherproof wrap and foam board insulation. Then install some windows or doors; adding flash and seal around the openings to seal them. Exit the outside with what clothing you have chosen. Staple fiberglass insulation between the joists. Then install drywall with screws and tape the joints. Cover all the screws and other spots with the association, then sand smooth wall color.

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