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How to DIY Porch Swing

Who has not wanted to have as a child, his own swing at home to play whenever you want, without having to wait their turn? With this excuse we propose to build a diy porch swing that will provide little kids hours of fun. This is a swing of simple but sturdy structure. We pay special attention to the fixings that go into the ground, because the structure must be securely fastened and solid; do not forget that the diy porch swing will be used by children.

Diy porch swing structure consists of two side pieces joined by a cross member to support or hang the two swings. Once marked the cut lines in the slats of wood, with the help of a bevel to 22.5, the top angle cut four pieces the jigsaw. Then, to cut the bar to the extent that we need.

First we make the recesses with a spade bit. Immediately after, we will through holes with normal wood drill. As we will put 4 sockets with nuts to hang the chain, mark the points where the holes do: with a spade bit to stuff boxes will washers and nuts, and then through holes with a wood drill.

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