How to Color 16×7 Garage Door

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Glass 16x7 Garage Door

16×7 garage door – Natural wood garage doors give your house a stunning, rustic look. To keep your wooden garage doors looking good, it is important to dye and seal them. A quality stain and sealer protects the wood from the elements and brings out its beauty and unique.


Prepare and Color your wooden 16×7 garage door. Clean the wood. Use a wood cleaning product to remove dust, dirt and debris that may interfere with the stain application. In addition, cleaning of wood will break “mill glaze”, a condition that breaks the pores of the wood and prevents stain from penetrating properly. Live wood (optional). Tannins are present in some types of wood, primary pine and cedar. Tannins are a naturally occurring ingredient that protects the living tree from fire and other damage.

When the wood is disturbed, even after it has been harvested and frozen, tannins can bleed to the surface and create a dark, unpleasant glance. The wood cleaning process can bring these tannins to the surface. If this happens, use a quality wood-light product to neutralize tannins and work to its natural color. Let the 16×7 garage door dry thoroughly before applying the stain. At least 24 hours are recommended. Apply the stain. Penetrating oil based bets can be applied with brush, roller or syringe. In general, only one layer is needed.

Tips and warnings

Over application is the biggest problem people encounter when using penetrating oil-based stains. These types of stain are not difficult dry products, so all materials allowed to stay on the surface of the wood are likely to remain sticky. This can cause dirt and mold.