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How to Clean Plastic Decking

Plastic decking is made of wood and plastic and is available in various colors to accent your outdoor space. The decking resistant holds up well against the elements harmful and provide a non-slip surface. Cleaning a plastic bridge requires cleaning solutions and simple tools that remove dirt from the surface.

Education to clean plastic decking: remove garden furniture from plastic bridge. Sweep dirt from the bridge. Fill a bucket with warm water and 2 tablespoons of dish soap. Wet the plastic bridge. Point the tube so water runs away from home and not at the base.

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Pour a third of the soapy water from the bucket on one end of the plastic decking. Use the shop broom; scrub the deck using medium pressure. Bristles broom work between the slats of the platform to remove dirt hidden. Pour the soap extra on the deck while you continue to work your way to the opposite end.

Rinse the soap and dirt loose from the plastic decking with the garden hose, pointing the water flow away from home. Use a constant flow of water from the pipe to completely rinse the soap from the deck. Rinse the soap off his broom. Sweep excess water from the deck to prevent water stagnation.

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