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How to Build Your Own Fire Pit

Build your own fire pit – The construction of the final stake is not as difficult as it sounds. The last fire pit can be constructed using a variety of materials that produce a large pit walls to prevent flames from jumping out. Materials such as bricks, landscaping stones, or in this case a rim of large truck can be used for campfires. Make sure, however, to build your well of the house or any flammable material.

Choose a location for final build your own fire pit away from the house and sheds, fences, trees or other flammable material. Dig the fire pit. It has to be about 2 larger than the radius of the tire rim and deep enough to fit around the edge inch all the way to its edge. Place the tire rim into the hole and firmly pack the soil around it.

Place the large rocks landscaping around the build your own fire pit for decoration. Moisten the inside of the tank with water. Once the soil is saturated, press down with your hands to pack the floor leveling. Wait until the soil is dry before using the fire pit. Now you can enjoy your new fire pit over the past year.

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