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How to Build Wood Pergola

Wood pergola – Build a pergola to the garden can be fun and rewarding, but there are some things you should know before you start. If done well, the result can be very nice, because it is tailored and the satisfaction of having built the pergola yourself be added. If you like woodworking hand, you have time and taste, a project of this type will be very rewarding.

If you’ve got here already you know what a wood pergola, but if you do not know here’s a brief overview. A pergola is a structure made of wood or metal that creates a shadow collected from space. It consists of a series of columns that can form a lattice, usually with open sides and a roof of wood, metal or canvas.

Some professional pergolas incorporate a lookout at the top, a small terrace to enjoy the view, but not as usual. Pergolas can be made of wood, stone, metal, or a combination of materials. The most popular are the wood pergola structures, because they are much cheaper, easier to make and usually are nicer. To make a wooden pergola need it to be resistant to the climate of your area. Pinewood is the most used due to its value.

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