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How to Build Tar and Chip Driveway

A tar and chip driveway, built from layers of gravel, tar and gravel chip, can be a convenient and attractive avenue choice in many situations. The different elements of the avenue combine to form an abutment surface and durable that holds up well in time and is relatively easy to maintain. These are usually installed by professionals, but if you have the time, inclination and some equipment, you can get good results by themselves.

Education to build tar and chip driveway: compact surface dirt with a heavy roller. Spread a bed of 2cm average of gravel in the driveway with a shovel and a wheelbarrow. Apply a quarter-inch thick layer 3/8-inch of hot tar on the gravel, using a heater tar and commercial sprayer. Work backwards, away from the tar.

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Apply gravel on the tarmac when it is still hot. Throw in the gravel on the tarmac with a shovel and spread of a hand with a rake. Work forward so that you’re stepping on the gravel just posed as you continue to apply. Apply the gravel until you get a layer of 1 cm of gravel applied to the tar. Roll the combination tar and gravel. Let the tar and chip driveway settle and cool for about 48 hours.

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