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How to Build Front Porch Railing

Front porch railing – The installation of a railing on his front porch can serve two purposes. First, and perhaps most importantly, it is an important safety feature that can prevent people from falling into the porch and be injured. A railing can also provide a decorative element to the porch, framing the front of the house. The type of rail you install depends on how your porch is built. If the porch is concrete, iron railings can work better; If the porch is wood, a wooden railing is probably your best option.

Keep front porch railing along the edge of the porch where you want to install, using the help of an assistant. Mark the location of the screw holes in the bottom rails on the porch. Remove the railings, and drill pilot holes in the concrete with a masonry bit in the marked locations.

Front porch railing, remove the screws from the sleeve anchors. Slide the sleeve anchors into the holes of the gallery. Press the down arrow on the anchor sleeve gently with a hammer if you are stuck. Place the rails in position on the porch, and tighten the screws in the sleeve anchors.

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