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How to Build a Steel Pergola

Pergolas are the perfect solution to hide away from the sun or to connect two parts of your garden with “tunnel of the plant.” Steel pergola comes in various shapes, such as tubes of wood, brick or metal. You can put the chairs in a swing or hang from beams best to make the perfect playground for children.

Education to build steel pergola: cut the pipe square using the angle grinder. Cut four pieces of 10m long, two pieces by 8m long and four pieces of 6m long. Sand the metal tubes.

Weld two pieces of metal pipes of 10m in length together with a metal bar to 8m long. Get great forms “C” with the pipes 10ft in length including metal legs of the pergola. Dig four holes in the ground, each 2m deep. Mix the concrete mixture with the water and pour into the holes. Place the two C-frames within the concrete.

Climb up the ladder and place the metal pipes 6-foot-long above the main beams, each 2m of each other. Both 1 foot from the metal bars hang on each side of the C-frames. Tube welds metal 6-foot-long on the C-frame. Brush the steel pergola with a wire brush. Paint a color of your choice.

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