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How to Build a Simple Pea Gravel Patio

A simple pea gravel patio offers an area to place chairs and tables, but does not require the effort and expense of a concrete patio or paved. Blocks gravel outside and weed growth does not pick up the puddles after rain when properly installed.

Instructions to build a simple pea gravel patio: check the patio area and mark the shape and size. Remove the lawn area marked out. Dig the patio area at a depth of 6 inches. Degree of the area is a bit, so that water does not accumulate in the gravel during the rains. Install metal or plastic edging around the perimeter of the bed.

Place a sheet of landscape fabric on the floor inside the bed patio. Overlapping the edges of the fabric so there is no gap. Spread 2-inch thick builder sand on top of the landscape fabric. The sand provides a base for the gravel and prevents weeds from taking root in the gravel.

Fill in the courtyard with 4-inch of gravel pebbles. The surface of pea gravel patio should sit 1/2-1-inch below the rim so that it does not spill over the top. Rake leveling gravel after installation.

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