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How to a Hot Tub Pool Combo

Hot tub pool combo – It is rare to get into your hot tub just for a quick shower, you will want to relax. But nothing is more stressful than cold water. The spa manufacturer took this into account when designing their bathtubs. They are equipped with a heater to maintain the heated water bath. The heat pump is not visible and is located on the side of the tub. When activated, the heater will keep the temperature of your bath constant.

Instructions to a hot tub pool combo: 1) Fill tub with the appropriate amount of water. The level should be 5 to 8 cm above the apertures of the hydro massage jet. 2) Allow the water bath to cool to a comfortable temperature for the heater to maintain that temperature. 3) Press the “On / off” button (On / off), located under a plastic cover on the side edge of the tub to activate the pump and turn on the jets. With the pump activated, the heater will run automatically. Press the “On / off” button again to turn off all components.

The hot tub pool combo usually has a porcelain coating on steel or cast iron. This material tends to be tough, but it is still susceptible to stains in the finish. The oldest porcelain bathtubs may not be as alkaline and acid resistant as newer models, making them more likely to become stained. Regardless if your tub is old or new, it must be cleaned regularly to facilitate ongoing maintenance.

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