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How Do Outdoor Counter Height Bar Stools

Outdoor counter height bar stools – Imagine a beautiful, rustic wooden bar built next to the pool on the floor, lined with four great-looking, bar stools wood handmade. If you like having peopled over for a festive celebration, however, it has no place to seat them, worry no more. With a few tips and some wood, you can make your own barstools quality outdoor counter height bar stools. Measure the height of the bar to determine the height of the stool. Make sure there between 9 and 13 centimeters between the bar chairs and stools. Buy your firewood for their bar stools at any outdoor supply store local wood. Oak wood is a good value for the purchase. It is durable and attractive. Bring your action bar stool with you and have wood cut on the premises.

By 12 wooden pieces, one for each seat bar stool. Buy four long, narrow pieces of wood for the legs of each seat and four smaller additional, too narrow, wooden pieces to prepare and secure the legs of the outdoor counter height bar stools. These are called stretchers. Sand the wood, making sure it is smooth and ready for primer, stain or paint. Sometimes if you’re lucky, you can buy wood and sanded, treated and ready for use. Use a router to make cuts of 2 square inches in the four corners under the seat. Make sure the cuts are the same shape and diameter of the legs of the bar stools. Use a tape measure (or square) and a sharp pencil to measure the exact location of their holes.

Use the router to make the same cuts of 2 square inches, one on each leg. No matter where these cuts are placed on each leg, only make them in the same place. After their bar stools are constructed outdoors, you will insert a wooden stretcher between each leg to connect the four legs together. Paste each of the four legs in a square at the bottom of the seat. Polyurethane adhesive is resistant and quick drying. After placing the glue, attach the legs to the seat and let them dry. Glue a wooden stretcher between each leg, connecting the legs together. Stretchers can be made from the same type of wood, or can be fancy and use wrought iron or other material. Stretchers provide structural support as well as aesthetic value.

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