Hillside Landscape Ideas

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Hillside Landscape Ideas Garden

Hillside Landscape Ideas – If loud or soft, a slope in the yard presents several problems for the gardener. Two of the most important issues hillside landscape are drainage and erosion. A slope in your yard or to a house has a water drainage problem. erosion must be controlled, or the slope may collapse and cause structural problems for your home. They can help properly and landscaping planting a garden on the hill.

Planting a hillside

Plant roots help stabilize the soil of a hillside landscape ideas. As they take moisture, plants also help reduce some drainage problems. For a difficult slope to walk in choosing low-maintenance plants. A good strategy is to mix high planting, low-growing plants and medium plants. This makes a more natural slope and helps reduce the impact of the falling rain as it hits the plants first appearance. North-facing slopes will need plants that tolerate shade, while the south-facing slopes plants need full sun.

Good plants for slopes

Good ground cover for hillside landscape ideas include yarrow, flower and low growth monkey species Arctostaphylos. Shrubs of the south-facing slopes are ceanothus and artemisia. North-facing slopes will spiraea bushes like the wild rose and snowberry. You can also include trees.