Hide Rails By 10×10 Garage Door

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Wood 10x10 Garage Door

10×10 garage doors – Garage are desirable features for having a property, whether linked to home or self-catering. The garage door is connected to the interior with rails, which provides a slot for it when opening and closing. To some homeowners, this attitude may be unattractive and seem too industrial. You can hide the rails on your garage doors by creating a fabric roof, which is cost effective and can be installed quickly.


Measure from a 10×10 garage door rail to the other than double the number to answer the height of the rails. Measure the length of the garage door rails plus an additional 3 meters on either side. Write down the numbers for future reference. Cut a piece of fabric of the dimensions noted in step 1. Choose a thicker fabric, such as velvet or canvas, for extra durability in the garage environment.

Remove any vehicles or items from the garage and spread the fabric under the 10×10 garage door rail setup. Raise the fabric so the orientation matches the rails. Pick up a corner of the fabric and use a staple gun to attach it to the ceiling above one of the garage door rails. Repeat this process to attach the fabric to all four corners. Staple the fabric in the roof around the perimeter of the garage door rails to complete the installation.