Porch Ideas

Good Screen Porch Ideas

Screen porch ideas – Design your new porch with a purpose and choose the decor and furnishings to make it comfortable and welcoming from the first day you use it. A front porch planted with wildflowers and vines and painted in pastel colored flowers becomes a cottage in the English countryside. A former sleeping porch inspires instant slumber parties. A porch equipped as a theater will transport you and your guests to an outside environment, right in the backyard.

Its new screen porch ideas will have all the charm of an English cottage garden with pastel paints a porch swing, painted furniture and potted plants. Try to paint the floor of a medium blue slate, rails and brilliant white columns and shutters, window frames and front door pastel pink or pale lavender. Using turned spindles for railings and columns and decorations gingerbread arches.

Screen porch ideas a large plant, bougainvillea vines and wisteria or to close one side of the entrance and on the roof. Use one of the sockets for connecting strings of lights cover paper lantern and arches alternate hooks for hanging wind chimes glass and delicate flowering plants crawl. White wicker furniture with cushions striped candy-colored canvas or faded chintz is nice and cozy.

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