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Gas Outdoor Fire Pit

Gas outdoor fire pit – An outdoor fire pit is a portable fireplace for your backyard patio next to warm your feet! Add a touch of atmosphere and fun for the whole family. There are many designs of open fires, most made of metal or copper. The simple design is a tray-shaped large wok sitting on a metal stand. Wooden logs placed in the tray, which is used as a fire pit. The tray has a removable cap steel bubble screen.

Other open fires are richly designed, some square or rectangular. Many have closed steel casing display solid black metal caps. Designs like these usually have legs with wheels and a rear handle for mobility when the well is not in use. See some image gas outdoor fire pit in this article for your backyard.

There is also an gas outdoor fire pit style fireplace that old potbellied stove look. Although charming, note that the door of the fireplace is relatively small, which allows heat radiates in a very narrow band. If you want several people to warm around

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