Front Porch Pergola Ideas

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Awesome Front Porch Pergola

Front porch pergola – In this post we will define the most important aspects when building porches, and wooden pergolas. We will leave aside important issues such as the calculation of the wooden structure to be discussed in subsequent articles, and focus on the importance of wood used in the construction of porches, in the joints of the beams and in the settlement of the pillars.

Before beginning the explanation we have to stress that it is best to have the best structural materials, and possibly the best installers to lift our porch. The wood front porch pergola has to be logically treated for outside, in which case we have two possibilities, the first is to come from the factory with auto claving and the other possibility is concerned for the construction of the structure with a special varnish.

The autoclave treatments leave the classical greenish in wood, consisting of a dipping wood into a Cuba with copper salts, this is achieved Cuba make salts penetrate the wood when subjected to high pressures, thus is completely waterproof to be outside. This is the best treatment that the wood is to be in a place without any maintenance.