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Front Porch Columns Ideas

Front porch columns are large columns found the edges of porches and along the causeway leading to the door. Smaller porches can only have two columns, while larger porches can have a row of columns. These columns can be load-bearing, working to support the roof of the courtyard or possibly another level patio, or may be only appearance. Either way, homeowners can choose their own styles and materials for the construction of the column.

Large front porch columns are becoming popular for front porches. Give the house an appearance of greater stability and often fuse with the strength and structure of the columns better than smaller house. If possible, owners should consider upgrading their ideas pillar to a larger size, especially if your porch is bigger than just a door cover.

Capitals are decorations on top of a pillar of the patio or porch before the end of the roof. These capitals can be very intricate designs or simple block designed to accentuate the end of the front porch columns. As homeowners have access to many different designs, they can give your porch a Greek, Roman or Spanish theme based on the appearance of their capitals.

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