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Frameless Tub Doors Modern Decoration

Frameless Tub Doors – If you have a choice between selecting a frame or frameless shower or bathtub, consider the pros and cons of each. A framing unit will be less expensive, but less fashionable. A frameless unit will be more expensive, but it will give your bathroom a more modern and elegant look. From a functional point of view, both provide what you need – a shower or bath experience warm and private.

Beyond that, it is a matter of personal preferences, budget considerations and “retouching” for your shower and tub. Unframed showers and bathtubs were first introduced during the 1990s as owners and builders began to gravitate towards elegant and sophisticated interior design options. Frameless tub doors for showers feature minimal metal accessories. Short metal hinges to join the corners and doors are the most metals you see in a frameless unit if you see any metal at all.

In fact, a bathtub can technically be categorized as unframed if it is not closed with glass, which is usually the case of a separate bathtub (bathtub with shower no). Frameless showers feature thick, architectural-quality glass to create an environment for showers and bathtubs that provides structural integrity. However, there is a price to pay for the elegant, frameless tub doors appearance. The glass has to be of a customized size, the installation has to be done by a professional, and the costs may vary, depending on your design options.

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