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Four Season Sunrooms

A sun room in your house will become a favorite pass time areas. Draw the four season sunrooms of your home to design a plan abroad. Make plans to buy a kit sun room, as an option, to install on a concrete base. Create a sun room that blends well with the architecture of your house is. Use the sun to hold the heat in the room. Build a foundation with 2 feet of gravel overlaid with two feet of concrete to create thermal mass. Bury PVC pipe into the foundation to vent the hot air in the room of solar heat stored in the database.

Designing the framework of facility of metal, wood or four season sunrooms kit. Make sure you fully understand the process of isolation. Use leaves rigid foam insulation, insulating roll of fiberglass or insulated building panels. Planning the interior design and tile floor. Use drywall for a corner room built on the uprights.

Add fiberglass insulation between the studs before nailing in the drywall. Installing cedar decking tongue and groove or bead board panels as other options insulating panels. Avoid using white tiles, tiles because light reflects too much light in a four season sunrooms, it can be almost blinding.

Trendy Ideas Four Season Sunrooms

Owners can extend usable living areas of your house enclosing their existing outdoor porches with four season sunrooms. This is achieved by adding partial screens, walls and porch areas and a door cover. According to an article in “Better Homes and Gardens” four-season sunrooms popular in warm climates are, but they are gaining interest in colder climates too. Use light colors on glass four seasons, as it will help you maximize your energy efficiency, according Repair home terrace. Many people use cream, yellow and green tones in their sunrooms, because these colors help incorporate issue of natural elements. After all, most people have four season sunrooms because they want benefits of an outdoor environment without hassle of insects or weather. There are several options of different floors for four season sunrooms. If yours is built on a wooden porch Lama, then you can sand floor so that it is safe to go barefoot in it. Some people paint their wooden floors to match rest of decor and colors. If you have a concrete floor, it can stain to make it look more like interior floors or you can add ceramic tile.

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