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Flower Planters of Annual Plants That Receive Direct Sunlight

Flower planters – cool a home, apartment or condo quickly and easily. They encourage the brick or stone and create a friendly atmosphere for guests and owners alike. With a longer flowering season annuals are a good choice for growing in planters. For pots receiving more than six hours per day of direct sunlight, there are several annuals to grow, either a massive plantation or a mixture of other flowers. Nemesia is a good choice for flower planters and gardeners. This easy flower to grow has a large and almost flat chalice. The Nemesia comes in a variety of colors, including shades of yellow, orange and pink, as well as mixed colors.

Known as periwinkle, or vinca periwinkle, these popular annuals are a good choice for flower planters. With shiny dark green leaves, violets produce a single petal flowers in shades of pink, mauve or white. Violets grow slowly from seed, which is why many gardeners prefer to buy as plants for transplanting.

The marigold is a popular flower for gardens and planters. Also known as “marigold” or “Ingles marigold”, these hardy annuals fast growing produce dense foliage and flowers in shades of yellow, orange and red; some varieties are multicolored.

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