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Find Out Xeriscape Front Yard

Adding to xeriscape front yard can reduce your water costs and maintenance by up to 60 percent, according to Colorado Water Wise. Xeriscaping involves choosing plants that natural home environment fit. The word “xeriscape” emerged in 1981 to describe a movement towards designing landscapes with plants that retain water, according to Bart C. O’Brien “Xeriscaping. Sources New Native ornamental plants”

Xeriscape front yard principles center around making the landscape design of a house, plants, materials, methods of irrigation and horticultural maintenance plan naturally fit an area in particular. You can add trees and shrubs suitable for xeriscaping. Some varieties include Scots pine, American plum and lilac. Choose flowers like baby’s breath, day lily and purple coneflower.

Some people like xeriscaping term “zero-scaping,” because they mistakenly believe that lawns with xeriscaping contain nothing but cactus and rocks. Xeriscaping advocates say the grass and plants can be lush and colorful while being environmentally sound and sustainable.

Colorado Water Wise notes that xeriscape front yard is especially important in the western United States, where more than half of residential water in the lawn and garden is used. The organization notes that xeriscaping can add 15 percent to the value of a property.

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