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Extension Locker for Anderson Casement Windows

Anderson casement windows – Extension items are used to make a window or a door fits in a thicker wall than it was originally intended for. For example, will add extension sidebars on a window designed for a two of four walls allow the window to fit in a two through six walls. Extension items are usually made using screen layers, which are eleven sixteen inches thick, appeared on four sides, and are in widths from 1 ½ inches to 5 ½ inches.


A Rip (cut lengthwise) screen creates the right width. For example, to make Anderson casement windows with a 4 9/16 door frame fit a 2 x 6 framed wall; you must make 2 inches wide. The cleavage branch is steered parallel to the saw blade. Push the saw’s splitting cutting rack to two inches, and rip enough wood to walk around the perimeter of the window. Cut the upper and lower pieces to the desired length. Measure the width of the window, from the outside of the door frame to the outside of the side frame.

Anderson casement windows can attach upper and lower extension side bags. Place a small amount of glue on the back of the extension side frame, and place the extension jamb on the side frame window, leaving a 16/03 reveal or backlash to the inside of the window. Nail in place using # 8 finish nails. Measure from the inside of the upper extension jamb on the inside of the bottom extension jamb. Cut side extension side bags to this length. Attach side extension side bags as you did the upper and lower extension side bags.

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