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Essential Window Shades and Blinds

Window shades and blinds – The blinds and shutters are essential to reinforce the heat and acoustic performance of windows, hence it is best to install the outside: they protect more and better. When deciding on a model or material, we must bear in mind the climate and orientation of your home and study the option that best matches the style of the house, the environment and the impact on the views from the inside.

They provide control of the interior temperature, graduation of light and ventilation, safety and attenuation of exterior noise. The types of window shades and blinds are classified, mainly, according to the material with which they are built, by the type of slat and the location of the curl drawer, included or independent of the carpentry. The blinds that are usually put today are aluminum and PVC.

The first offer more options when choosing the lamas -interesting the micro perforated, so that the interior environment is not completely dark. In any case, the blind has to be in tune with the material chosen for the window. It is the weak point of window shades and blinds, because through it there are energy losses and thermal bridges. To avoid this, the drawer must form a block with the window, to guarantee its air tightness. You also have to isolate the box where the tape is hidden.

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