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Endless Pool Swim Spa

Endless pool swim spa is compact and heated pools that allow swim against, if desired. With regard to equipment, they cannot be compared to traditional pools for both its characteristics, and the benefits they offer, make them exceptional: Led lighting to liven up the night bathing. Function to swim against, with dimmer and adjustable jet for swimming. Endless pool swim spa with drivers of water and air, providing relaxation whenever you want.

Cures; thanks to its heating, you can enjoy a swim in the icy days. Covers: offer more comfort, maintain the cleanest water, effortless and carefree. Greater protection against insects, leaves and the harshest winters. Swim at any time of the year and improved safety for children. Water treatment by ozone generator bubbles. Ozone injected into the water by destroying bacteria and germs effectively.

Ozone kills microorganisms and facilitates maintenance of the water, reducing the use of chemicals and leaves no residue in the water that irritates the eyes, nose or skin. The endless pool swim spa can be buried underground or semi flushes with the surface; they can be internal or external, presenting both aesthetic values as labor pools. In them you can go out and relax with a perfect temperature all year round.

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