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Easy Diy Build Screened in Porches

Screened in porches – Enjoying the fresh air in the comfort of your own backyard is even more relaxing when you do not have to worry about irritation of bugs. Easily build a screened in sun porch or remodel your outdoor veranda, by buying a sun room kit or window screens to close an existing porch.

How to build screened in porches? Buy a sun room kit online or from a local home repair store if you do not have an outdoor veranda is already attached to your home. Follow the instructions in the sun room kit in the assembly and installation of walls, roof, windows and door.  Measuring openings in the open air porch to fit window screens if you want to change the existing porch into a screened in the conservatory.

Buy appropriate size window screens to fit the measured openings. Buy hook screws and eye screws. You need four sets of each for each screened in porches. Press the eye screws for existing columns or beams on the porch where the four corners of each screen will be with a hammer so screw them in by sliding screwdriver through the eye and turning it clockwise. Attach hook screws to the four corners of each screen window frames in the same way. Hanging screens one at a time by inserting the hooks on each corner in the corresponding eye screws attached to the porch.

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