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Drought Resistant Landscape Design

Drought resistant landscape – If you are thinking about making a naturalist garden, low maintenance and integrated into the environment pay attention when selecting plants.  Keep in mind that the plants that abound in the landscape that surrounds you are the best adapted to the environment and the least demanding. The Mediterranean climate offers an extraordinary botanical diversity that allows creating simple and original gardens adapted to the local conditions of soil and climate. To think of a dry garden, without the need for irrigation, is practically a chimera.

Choose the right flowers for drought resistant landscape. In the desert, the most important part of the designer is a flower garden flower choice itself. Drought-resistant flowers do not have to be boring and lack in color. Perfect choices would include zinnias, marigolds, moss rose, cosmos and common geraniums. Give roots anchors to grow. The land that constitutes planting areas in the desert flower gardener is not native or includes the dirt and rock needed to anchor root growth.

Adding gravel to your soil will give the roots of your drought resistant landscape flowers something to hold on. Deep-root irrigation is crucial when designing a desert flower garden. With high temperatures and direct sunlight, water will evaporate from the ground before reaching the roots of the plants. Anchor your plants. Earth covers like bark chips are gravel or fox important to use, in the early stages of designing your desert flower garden.

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