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Don’t Forget Sunroom Shades when Decorating the Sunroom

Sunroom shades – The purpose of a sunroom is not only to bring the outdoors in, but also to allow natural light to filter through the room. Decorate your sunroom as would an outdoor patio. Select furniture that can withstand the constant heat and sunlight. Patio furniture outdoor works best, as it is made ​​of materials that are able to maintain all weather conditions. Forged aluminum wicker or iron is a great option.  Add cushions and pillows for furniture. Arrange the seating so you can have a conversation with your guests. Place a sofa against the wall with a table in front of it, and two or more chairs on the sides of the table.

Keep the bare ground. Use tile or wood on the floor of a sunroom as match with sunroom shades. Outdoor feeling is maintains and is easy to clean. Paint the walls a light color to keep the sunroom shades light and airy feel. Add window white curtains that will give privacy when desired, and allow natural sunlight to filter into the room.  Bring several potted plants outdoors to keep the feeling in your sunroom.  Place a small bistro table and two chairs in a corner of the room if space is available.

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